JASSS - Whities 027

  • The Spanish artist returns with an experimental anthem.
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  • If Silvia Jiménez Alvarez weren't so diametrically opposed to playing the usual game of "making it" in the club scene, you might have assumed Whities 027 was a calculated move. I mean that as a compliment. The EP, her first solo record since her breakthrough 2017 album, Weightless, unites styles in a manner reminiscent of the DJ sets that have recently earned her so much respect, like an advert for her hours spent animating dance floors. EBM, techno, electro and genres along the hardcore continuum form the bedrock of Jiménez's performances. But what you might not detect from this slightly reductive list of styles is that she's prone to dropping bold melodies, which are just as likely to feature in an '80s synth pop track as they are in some flamboyant club cut. Melodies are the standout element of Whities 027, a two-track release that's said to be inspired by her formative years in the rave. Given the dank, Throbbing Gristle-style explorations of Weightless, it's interesting to report that "Turbo Olé" might prove to be one of this year's biggest anthems. To be clear, we're not talking about Jiménez dominating Radio 1 and Spotify. Rather, it's a track that should be loved and played across scenes that dig the stranger side of club music. The tough combo of EBM, electro and breaks embodied in the beats is impressive, but "Turbo Olé" will be remembered for its dramatic melodies, a medley of sound that'll be a peak of any party it's played at. As the central synth line reveals itself on "We Solve This Talking," you can't help but wonder if Jiménez's early club experiences took in trance. This is very much synthesis designed for lasers and smoke machines. Whatever the case may be, it's safe to say that she wouldn't have heard this type of melody framed by the colossal broken beat she crafts here.
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      A Turbo Olé B We Solve This Talking