Fio Fa - Rescue Squad

  • Duality Trax's first label release is a tip of the hat to a bygone era.
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  • Rescue Squad is the first release on Duality Trax, a new label from Irish selector Holly Lester. The '90s are a clear influence throughout this EP, beginning with the repeating alarm in the title track, which in Fio Fa's hands comes off as a tasteful allusion to acid rave. "Transcending Into Nonsense" is a lighthearted chugger. Remixed by Violet, it becomes a breakbeat-littered tour de force. "Fantasm" is the standout here, a euphoric rave track with airy pads and slivers of hoover synths. It could have easily become a rave pastiche, but Fio Fa pulls it back, striking a balance between angular rhythms and dreamy melodies.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Rescue Squad A2 Fantasm B1 Transcending Into Nonsense B2 Transcending Into Nonsense (Violet Remix)