Swing Ting & HMD - Just A Feeling

  • Manchester's Swing Ting bring the sunshine to the rainy Pennines.
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  • Featuring production from label cofounders Samrai and Platt, and vocals from HMD, "Just A Feeling" is the latest release from Manchester's Swing Ting crew. It's a strong offering from our former label of the month, opening with a marimba-esque melody that provides the track's backbone. The dancehall beat is given extra pop appeal by HMD's soulful, sincere, Sampha-like vocals. Sparsely layered, "Just A Feeling" feels frivolous in the best way. Carefree and sun-soaked, you can practically smell the Factor 50. Reminiscent of early Mura Masa tracks, "Just A Feeling" feels like it could break through the collective consciousness and become something bigger. By marrying masterful production with an ear for pop, it shows the beauty in simplicity.
  • Tracklist
      01. Just A Feeling