Thom Yorke - Overmono Remixes

  • Electrifying reworks from a top techno duo.
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  • In some ways, Overmono's two remixes of Thom Yorke's "Not The News" are similar. They're spacious, but neither has lost Yorke's drama or experimental flair. Both tread a fine line between clean and gritty. But the approach to the source material, and the result of each approach, differs wildly. "Remix 1" keeps Yorke's vocals intact, save for flourishes in the reverb and delay. Those vocals are backed by soft pads and tough drums with a glitchy, swung groove. It's a rare chance to hear Overmono craft something more suited to a stadium than a nightclub. "Remix 2" restructures the original into a hypnotic, slow-building track that wouldn't be out of place on a Mille Plateaux Clicks & Cuts compilation. The contemplative synths, trippy vocals clips and overwhelming bass is better suited to sunrise, when space on the dance floor opens up and bodies start to sway.
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      A Not The News (Overmono Remix 1) B Not The News (Overmono Remix 2)