Lazare Hoche & S.A.M. - Perfect Pushup 01

  • Lovely, cool-breeze house tools.
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  • Lazare Hoche and S.A.M. are classy, ultra-dependable house artists. Their range is remarkable, too. Comb through their large catalogues and you'll find vocal bombs, elegant rollers and barely any duds. Perfect Pushup 01, the first release on their new vinyl-only label, presents two long, summery cuts, one of which, "The AR," plays like a club edit of "In The Light Of The Miracle" by Arthur Russell. It really works. The original's sweet vocals and nimble percussion are paired with delicate keys and a hearty bassline. Fresh claps, introduced around halfway, give extra snap. The 12 minutes fly by. "The GB," also 12 minutes long, is similarly captivating. Again, the bassline is king, this time more propulsive, forming a golden groove alongside balmy keys and funk licks. This combo is enough on its own, so I'm not sure there's any need for the retro synth lines or Michelle Obama sample. Then again, if rousing quotes followed by chunky drops are your thing, you won't find many better examples.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The AR B1 The GB