Jessy Lanza - Lick In Heaven

  • Jessy Lanza loses her temper but keeps it cool on her first solo single in four years.
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  • Jessy Lanza says her new single is about "being angry with people and not knowing what to do about it." You wouldn't know that from a casual listen. "Lick In Heaven" is a gentle song, its chords, pads and drums as thin as her trademark breathy vocals. It marks a return to the light-headed rush of Lanza's 2013 debut album, marshaled into the dance floor framework of 2016's Oh No. As Lanza sings, "Once I'm spinning, I can't stop spinning," "Lick In Heaven" builds in intensity, with odd sound effects and samples adding a cartoonish playfulness—perhaps something borrowed from her freestyle-inspired project with Morgan Geist, The Galleria. "Lick In Heaven" is vintage Lanza: barely-there but catchy, emotional but poised. It's just like her to make a song about being angry sound so sweet.
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      01. Lick In Heaven