Tryphème - Aluminia

  • A breakout electro artist shows her tender side.
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  • Tryphème's 2017 debut album, Online Dating, received acclaim for its eclecticism and club-ready bangers. With Aluminia, Tryphème turns inwards, presenting a five-track EP of sad club tracks that seem to invite us into her world. Most notable is "FEY." Haunting and ghostly, it feels Victorian in its melancholy, as if written by a 19th-century novelist. As it goes on, more melodies and rhythms are introduced, but the melancholy stays hanging in the air. The crackly synth that appears on "FEY" halfway through is jarring and uncomfortable, at odds with the silky drones that layer the track. The vocal samples are childlike and float over waves of melody. Here, and on the EP's other tracks, the music moves forward rhythmically in spite of the melancholy mood. It doesn't let you luxuriate in your sadness, but wills you to keep on moving.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Lava A2 Fey A3 Eedyu B1 X-Ray Mantra B2 In A Cyber Spiral B3 Cry Silent Cry