Martyné - TP Project

  • Four shapeshifting slabs of dance floor dynamite.
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  • "King Lui," the A1 on Martyné's newest EP, wouldn't be out place in an Octo Octa set. With its '90s rave chords, chopped vocals, and chunky stabs, it's the type of retro house anthem Bouldry-Morrison loves to reach for. That this track is produced by one of the finest slingers of so-called new minimal speaks to Martyné's dynamism. Central to Martyné's productions are a sense of movement and flux. Speaking about his label, Traffic Records, he explained, "It makes no sense to kill this hype by releasing five records in a row that sound exactly the same." And this is true across both his own catalogue and Traffic's more generally. The records are additive, fashioning disparate pieces of electronic music references into fun-house mirrors for glassy-eyed punters. This is what makes each Traffic release feel like an event. They can be like opening little Pandora's boxes of sonic chaos. "TP Project" is just as exploratory as "King Lui." A wandering bassline and birdcalls evoke the lush humidity of summer mornings when you should have gone home two (or eight) hours ago. "Tobacco" and "Lution" are similarly aimed at keeping your feet moving long after your Juul's battery has died. "Tobacco" is a baptism by battery acid with wisping screams careening through its machine-clad architecture. "Lution" is built around a bubbling bass, panning synths, and some downcast pads. But even with the pads upping the emotional ante, it remains music for the body rather than the head. It wouldn't surprise me to hear any of these four tracks cropping up in unexpected places across the corners of clubland.
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      A1 King Lui A2 Lution B1 Tobacco B2 TP Project