DJ Hype & Andy C - FabricLive.18

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  • Entering the ring for the 18th edition of FabricLIVE is the tag team pair of two of drum'n'bass' heavyweights, Andy C & DJ Hype. The pair have definitely carved themselves a name in the drum'n'bass scene, with Andy C known for locking down tight mixes and rinsing out badarsed basslines and DJ Hype tearing out the clangy, ragga soundclashes coupled with scratch routines and turntablist juggles. Hype takes control of the first half of the mix and gets it all started with The Militia's Get Loose tearing out the heavy bass and rolling breaks. In true Hype fashion he mashes it up with ragga vocal chants and the scratching techniques that helped him win the UK DMC Championships. If you weren't aware it was Hype that you were listening to he pulls out a DJ Hype Special remix of JB's Can You Feel It, chopping up various self proclaiming "DJ Hype" samples alongside his signature scratching sound. A Sides and MC Fats turn out a soulful yet hard and dirty drum'n'bass roller on Bring Dat featuring the soulful vocals of MC Fats singing on top of a dark and twisted bassline. The mix then takes it back to 2001 when swing stepping was in fashion as Hype mashes up J Majik & Wickaman's Swallow Ya Soul with Shimon & Andy C's Body Rock and the two fit like a glove. Hype then closes off his set with another DJ Hype Special (done in a similar way to the first) remix of Coming At Ya by Benny Blanco before Andy C steps in with another J Majik & Wickaman tune in the form of You Disgust Me which incorporates a distorted rocky bassline and movie vocal samples getting dropped throughout the tune. Aussie drum'n'bass players Pendulum turn in an updated remix of Ed Rush & Optical's Bacteria fresh from Andy C's Ram label, and it continues on the twisted rock mixed with sci-fi driven vibe from the tunes that precede it before Andy C's Ram Trilogy take it out with the diva vocal led tune Night Vision featuring another massive bassline, drawn out synth sweeps and a mirky piano riff throughout. Two of drum'n'bass' best and most recognised names have teamed up here to produce one of Fabric's best mixes that I have heard in a while. Hype with his turntablist tricks and routines and Andy C with the fresh plates and tight mixing skills. To be honest though, I'd have to say that Hype ripped Andy C up but this is one CD that I have had on constant rotation since I got it.