SFV Acid - ResedaVill

  • Published
    6 Mar 2020
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  • Released
    February 2020
  • Think Warren G on a 303 in a stripmall parking lot.
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  • The music Zane Reynolds makes is not acid in the usual ways we think of acid. ResedaVill, released on the Dutch label BAKK (his spiritual home), shows Reynolds using the sound to sketch an alternate universe where the listless boredom of summer holidays prevails. On "always (LA hardcrew mix)," the 303 is molded into percussive chords, an effect that makes its dazed hip-hop structure feel both otherworldly and distinctly Californian. A nervous synth on "lil_heaven(less)" creates the feeling of fiddling with the FM dial while changing lanes. "405 mary" is a piece of G-funk-filtered electro with the hint of a breakbeat bubbling just beneath the surface. "Jasons II" is the most traditional acid track on the record. Dark squelches of warped melody cradle a beat hovering somewhere between electro and hip-hop. These songs creep closer to the dance floor, but Reynolds seems to be making music more for suburban backyards, where hazy acid mixes with the smog.
  • Tracklist
      A1 lil_heaven(less) A2 always (LA hardcrew mix) B1 405 mary B2 Jasons II