De Grandi - 11-100-JAILLE

  • Turbo-charged club beats that move between moments of chaos and calm.
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  • 11-100-JAILLE has a gentler tone than any of De Grandi's previous EPs. The Parisian producer specialises in noisy, abstracted club music. He's no stranger to pleasant moments, but his music is often harsh, primed to give ravers "What the fuck?" sounds to stomp to in a sweaty basement. The EP still has plenty of these, such as the jittery electro beat that swings into "My Volvo, My Rules (-555- Mix)", or the trancey breakbeats of "Laguna." But the softer moments elevate 11-100-JAILLE to a new level. There's the angelic synth intro to "TTP" before huge, dizzying walls of noise punctuate through. The celestial shimmer of "2,75 €." "Mercé La Zone," De Grandi's first proper ambient track, has a surreal vocal quality. This approach to songcraft first appeared on last year's Paris Nord-Est. It's been perfected here.
  • Tracklist
      01. TTP 02. Laguna 03. Mercé La Zone 04. My Volvo, My Rules (-555- Mix) 05. 2,75 €