Flora FM - Apricot

  • A stoned take on classic techno and IDM.
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  • Anyone who's hung out in the American underground dance music scene for long enough has probably heard of Taylor Hawkins. The Seattle-based producer has built a reputation thanks to low-key releases for labels like Argot, Kalahari Oyster Cult and TerraFirm®, establishing a sound that mixes old-school techno with the broken-beat swing of early dubstep. Apricot begins in a blaze of junglist glory. The EP is surprisingly minimal, built for moments deep into a set. The highlight is "Magic Pebbles," eight minutes of woodpecker-fast woodblocks and a bumping bassline. All four tunes have a dazed quality, even at full blast, which reminds me of the Pacific Northwest dance music that emerged around the time Hawkins moved from Detroit to Seattle. Apricot puts the same stoned spin on classic techno and IDM.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Softest Moon A2 Magic Pebbles B1 Cross Antennae B2 Bronze Teeth