Forest Drive West - Parallel Space EP

  • Basic Channel meets modern electronics on an EP that moves between emulation and innovation.
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  • Parallel Space is Forest Drive West's first solo release on Echochord. Both parties specialise in dance music that's influenced by dub, although they approach it from different angles. Echochord releases music inspired by classic dub techno, inheriting a tradition that goes back to the German label Basic Channel. Forest Drive West, on the other hand, draws from jungle as well as European techno. "Creation Dub" is a nod to Echochord's purist sound. It's impeccably produced, but doesn't really stretch the well-worn Basic Channel/Rhythm & Sound template so much as emulate it. The same is true of Conforce's contribution, a solid, reinforced remix of "Parallel Space." But Forest Drive West's original version and "Drift" are great reminders of what he brings to the style. They're a pair of tense, detailed, broken techno loops anchored by drones that seem to stretch out endlessly into the distance.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Creation Dub A2 Drift B1 Parallel Space B2 Parallel Space (Conforce Remix)