quest?onmarc - Phoenix

  • A thrilling journey through the lens of ballroom from a key New York producer.
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  • quest?onmarc has one of the most recognizable sounds of the New York underground, but they still generate a range of ideas. Their music is rooted in ballroom—you'll hear the whip-crack thrust and the unmistakable ha stab all over their tracks—but they also incorporate Jersey club, grime and, increasingly, techno into brief but walloping tracks. Phoenix, released on Oakland label Club Chai, explores several genres through the lens of ballroom in bite-sized tunes. There are thrills on "Yin" and "Mars In Scorpio," where hissing trap hi-hats fill the space between the fast kicks. The best track is "ephemera," thanks to its dembow-style swing and a head-turning chord progression. But there's something to love on every track, like the choral pads on "Mars In Scorpio." quest?onmarc's world's is a nice place to be.
  • Tracklist
      01. Mars In Scorpio 02. Ephemera 03. Phoenix 04. Ouroboros 05. Yin 06. Lotus