Savile - Bliss

  • Published
    9 Jan 2020
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  • Released
    December 2019
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  • A key US artist captures the essence of early house music.
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  • New York's Gianpaolo Dieli aims to channel the essence of early US house music: great beats, great parties that were a sanctuary for marginalized people. You might ask how that last bit could apply to mostly instrumental tracks, but Dieli's approach isn't simply lip service—he puts his money where his mouth is. Take Bliss, his latest self-released EP—all proceeds go towards the Sex Workers Outreach Project. (Proceeds from his previous record went to the Chicago Community Bond Fund.) Looking past its higher purpose, Bliss is also Dieli's most emotionally mature record, thanks to its charming melodies. "Bliss On Top Of Bliss" is an archetypal Savile track, just meat-and-potatoes house music with a spring in its step. This time there are swooning synths that drape over the pulsating beats, creating a spontaneous outpouring of emotion. "Last Go" is a welcome surprise, a slow, electro-tinged track with yearning synths and a reverb-soaked soundscape that recalls dBridge's Autonomic sound. I've sometimes felt that Dieli's style was middle-of-the-road, but Bliss goes way beyond that.
  • Tracklist
      01. Bliss On Top Of Bliss 02. Arps For The Anxious 03. Last Go