Adam Beyer - What You Need (Kölsch Remix)

  • Kölsch gives a low-key 2015 track a big-room update.
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  • In summer 2015, Adam Beyer released the Stone Flower EP, the star of which was "What You Need," a relatively restrained 125-BPM roller with few of the pyrotechnics you might associate with Beyer and Drumcode today. Kölsch's 2019 remix, his first release for the label, feels like an update for modern, less patient dance floors. The original's swung groove is replaced by a faster, straighter rhythm. The clanging melody is amplified and given an orchestral sheen. By the second half, the remix is more trance than techno, a loud wall of bright pads and stabs. It's hands-in-the-air time.
  • Tracklist
      01. What You Need (Kölsch Remix)