Midland - Beyond This

  • An innovative response to a hostile political climate.
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  • Earlier this week, Midland self-released a track originally made for his 2017 Fabriclive mix, announcing that all proceeds would go to charity. It was his way of taking an active stand against the recent UK general election result. The profits will be split between the Albert Kennedy Trust, which supports homeless LGBTQIA+ teenagers, The Trussell Trust, which works with food banks around the UK, and Help Refugees, which distributes funds and resources internationally to on-the-ground refugee organisations. "Beyond This" is an innovative response to an increasingly hostile political climate. Bustling yet stripped-down, it's full of energy and hope. With loops that build and limited melodic progression, the shouted vocal sample at the end takes on a tone of defiance, a refusal to be forgotten. With this track, Midland has set an example for other producers on how to take a stand and make a tangible difference at a time when both feel impossible.
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