MHYSA - Sanaa Lathan

  • A seductive club track enhanced by minimalism.
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  • In 2017, the Philly-based artist E. Jane made an auspicious debut as MHYSA with the album fantasii. Drawing from R&B, '90s hip-hop and experimental club, the project was a glittering profile of E. Jane's alter ego—a "black pop star diva"—employing covers, otherworldly sampling and poetry to ruminate on the expansiveness of black femmehood. Their forthcoming project, NEVAEH, feels like an organic transition from their first forays into production and singing. "Sanaa Lathan," the LP's first single, sheds the reverb and twinkling synths in fantasii in favor of bright chords that charge into an intimidating trap beat. Aaliyah-reminiscent cricket samples overlay the swampy production, giving it a nostalgic tinge. With satisfyingly shrill vocals that pay homage to the South and an entrancing hook, "Sanaa Lathan" is a seductive club number enhanced by minimalism.
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      01. Sanaa Lathan