Three Oscillators - The Purge

  • The electronic sound of Mumbai.
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  • Mumbai didn't have a distinct electronic sound until the '10s ushered in beatmakers like Jwala, a collective of musicians and filmmakers. Three Oscillators, AKA Brij Dalvi and Avit Rane, belong to this collective. Their latest release, "The Purge," is a slow burner that gets hectic, much like a stroll through Mumbai. After the melodic, atmospheric intro, the mutating bassline leaves you wondering in which direction we're heading. That feeling alleviates when the house groove emerges. The track ends on an unhurried note, the melody slowing to a halt with a final few rings before all goes silent. As a future generation of Mumbai beatmakers download DAWs and sample packs, they'll look to "The Purge" as a benchmark of their island city's sound.
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      01. The Purge