Lemna - Retrocausality

  • Deep, abstract techno to hypnotise dance floors.
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  • Maiko Okimoto is one of Japan's most exciting electronic music producers. She makes new material for each of her live shows, producing music that's easy to dance to but doesn't slot into any one genre or scene. The closest thing to her juddering, fearsome beats is the Grey Area sound of Horo-aligned producers like ASC, who make tracks that combine drum & bass and techno in clever, psychedelic ways. It's no wonder she found a home at Horo. Retrocausality comes in two parts, A Priori ("from result") and A Posteriori ("from cause"), which is supposed to highlight the duality of perception. This manifests in how Okimoto's music feels like it's moving at two speeds at once. Take "Flatland," whose arpeggios spiral at double the speed of the lagging kick drum, or "Platonia"'s drums that twist into knots. But Okimoto's approach is more than mere trickery— her music sounds otherworldly. These tracks might feel like techno, but they don't sound like how we know it. Okimoto always seems to be doing two (or more) things at once, which might spell out why her abstract style is so enriching.
  • Tracklist
      01. Supervoid 02. Flatland 03. Platonia 04. Tesseract 05. Nature Of Karma 06. Sattva 07. Bardo 08. Thusness