Deetron - Photon Remixes

  • Gerd Janson and Carl Cox remix a classic famously played during Space Ibiza's final party.
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  • In the final stages of the last-ever party at Space in Ibiza, after he'd played Moby's "Go," Dave Clarke's "Red Three" and many other classics, Carl Cox dropped Deetron's "Photon." It's difficult to overstate how big a compliment this was. Cox has long loved house and techno with massive piano hooks, but he chose this one over all others (including my personal favourite, Joris Voorn's "Incident"), and at the point in the party with only "Promised Land," "Someday" and The Doors' "The End" left to play. You could say he's a pretty natural candidate to remix the track, then. He's joined on this package by Gerd Janson, who contributes a further three versions. None of the remixes better the elegant simplicity of the original, but they're worth a look if you'd like a little more piano in your life. Cox does. He front-loads the piano part, tweaks the notes and sets it over a chunky tech-house beat and bassline. He seems to sense that there's no point trying to top the euphoria of the original (especially with such a strong memory attached to it), and instead opts for a heads-down vibe. Big-room DJs should find plenty to like here. Janson tries to match the original's energy, and in fairness to him makes the best of a tough job. The "808 Mix" is very '80s, an electro workout of the Afrika Bambaataa school, while the "DJ Version" makes similar moves to the original but in a different sequence. There's also an "808 Beats" version if you like Janson's drum programming but don't care for the melodies. Of the three, the "808 Mix" is the pick, a tasteful variation on a theme that'll breathe some new life into Deetron's inspired studio session back in 2014.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Photon (Gerd Janson 808 Mix) A2 Photon (Gerd Janson DJ Version) B1 Photon (Carl Cox Remix) B2 Photon (Gerd Janson 808 Bonus Beat)
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