Akasha System - Sunbreather

  • 'Eco-techno' direct from the forest floor.
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  • Hunter P. Thompson calls his new album, Echo Earth, "eco-techno." It's inspired by lazy days spent in the Pacific Northwest woods around his home in Portland, Oregon, and it's suitably lush and verdant. It's not techno, though—Lisa Blanning described Akasha System as "dub house" back in 2016, and that's a more accurate term. "Sunbreather" is steeped in reverb that hangs like an early morning mist, and the beat is made up of a delayed snare pattern and hand drums that line the bottom of the rhythm like a mossy covering. Sultry electric piano, regal pads and Four Tet-esque plucked strings create an atmosphere that feels warm and nurturing. "Eco-techno" might be a silly buzzword, but it's not far off describing music that sounds like the natural rhythms of the forest floor.
  • Tracklist
      01. Sunbreather