Robyn - Beach 2K20 (Yaeji Remix)

  • A charming blend of pop and house.
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  • Look how cute this clip is. Robyn and Yaeji, obscured by silly face filters, mime the intro to "Beach 2K20 (Yaeji Remix)," the latest rework from Robyn's 2018 album, Honey. Just before the video loops back, the Swedish pop star lets out a cry: "Let's go party!" Who knows where these two would go to get loose, but this remix feels like the ideal soundtrack: fun, hazy, a nice quirky blend of house and pop. Yaeji is adventurous, too, switching up the mood every so often. My favourite is the first passage—listen out for the synths that sound like a muted trombone. DJs may prefer the instrumental version on the flip, but, for me, it's only half the track without Robyn's silvery voice.
  • Tracklist
      01. Beach 2K20 (Yaeji Remix) 02. Beach 2K20 (Yaeji Remix Instrumental)