AQXDM - Infrared

  • Jungle meets techno on this nostalgic EP.
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  • Aquarian and Deapmash have reunited for Infrared, their first EP for Houndstooth. The duo is known for the clever blend of techno and breakneck jungle that 2018's Aegis EP demonstrated with force. Infrared plays hard and fast with the rules of genre, jungle is woven in and out of well-crafted techno with ease. "The Good Old Days Are Tomorrow" exemplifies this. The title captures the essence of the AQXDM project: updating '90s jungle tropes with modern techno twists. It's the closest the record gets to old-school jungle, especially with the pitched-up vocal sample that disintegrates before the drop. That formula stretches across the whole EP. There's no denying the tracks are good, but you have to wonder how far that approach can carry AQXDM.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Infrared A2 Tunnel Vision B1 Leisure Techno B2 The Good Old Days Are Tomorrow Digital: Requiem