Dogpatrol - SNKRX04

  • Dark, neck-snapping 2-step from a talented producer.
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  • Where Conducta's Kiwi Rekords is breathing fresh life into colourful UK garage, Sneaker Social Club is helping resurrect its darker counterpart, 2-step. Chavinski delivered three records of chest-rattling 2-step over the summer, while scene originators Horsepower Productions recently arrived on the label with rolling, dread-inflected breaks. The mysterious Dogpatrol debuts with four studious takes on 2-step and its adjacent sounds. "Clownery" and "Serene" both provide neck-snapping drops with the same pummelling weight of El-B's sharpest productions, while the sino grime melody of "Don't Follow Us" recalls Hyperdub's eerie early output. Brighter is the UK funky-inflected "The Return Of The Gorgons," where shuffling hi-hats and bouncing marimba drums skip over deep-pressure kicks. The result, aided by Dogpatrol's meticulous ear, is a fascinating recreation of historical UK club sounds—even if it leans too far into nostalgia.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Clownery A2 Ddonot Follow Us B1 The Return Of The Gorgons B2 Serena