AIM - FabricLive.17

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  • FABRICLIVE. 17 is a laid back journey into Aim’s record collection. Aim is one of the original members on the Grand Central label. Discovered by Mark Rae back in the days when Mark was working behind the counter at Fat City Records. Keeping his to his current hip hop genre, Aim still combs many discount record stores reliving them of any old records that he could in turn use as breaks. Producing from his bedroom Aim took to putting out soulful funky instrumentals and after the pair met, Mark Rae was eager to join forces virtually on the spot. Scoring points on Grand Central with his previous releases, Pacific North West, Soul Dive and Loopdreams they sold out rapidly with his sucess to many vinyl junkies disappointment. As with his DJ sets, Aim's selection of hip hop, soul and funk tracks are smoothly sown together letting the tracks fade out until the end, this lack of mixing is one a huge dissapoinment as a mix CD should be just that mixed. Focusing more on the track selecion is the saving grace too his mix, Opening with the sounds of fellow Grand Central resident Tony D, the track is more layed back than a spliff smoking sloth, with broken beats tumbling over themself incorperating an 80's twist of subtle synthy cords and smooth female vocals. Boards Of Canada has the similar feel of Tony Ds track with stunted beats and synth layers throughout. James Yorkston’s - St Patrick was a complete surprise dropping in a soft campfire folk tune in the middle of a generally hip hop orientated CD. INI - What you Say samples Bob Dylans "Lay, Lady, Lay" a with MC over the top, throwing in some scratching and crisp bongos for good measure, one of the stand out tracks on the CD. Scott Lark - Insight is a true hip hop track with a bouncing beat and the MC style of rapping is sounding like hes got a cold but sticking with the melodic tunes. Lords Of The Underground make an appearance with their classic Faith. Taking things down a notch A Tribe Called Quest - Award tour is Characteristically cool with their smooth style, with familiar beats and breaks. The journey winds up with Ice Cube -It Was A Good Day a classic in the true sense of the word, with it's crazy Sunday afternoon vibe. Having put this tune on many time by the pool it serves up the funk in the most subtle of ways. The latest release from Fabric studios has Aim selecting some of his favourite records that have inspired him along the way. From 90's hip hop to 80's influences and 70's snuck in under the radar Aim compiles them onto this CD for everyone who is a fan to enjoy.
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      01 Tony D - Come Back To You 02 Boards Of Canada - Roygbiv 03 James Yorkston - St Patrik 04 INI - What You Say 05 Scott Lark - Insight 06 Lewis Parker - 101 Pianos (I've Put Out The Lights) 07 Boogiemonsters -Strange 08 Lords Of The Underground - Faith (Alternate TV Track) 09 Bloik - Loungin' 10 Tom Scott - Today 11 A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour 12 Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - Love Comes And Goes 13 Diverse - Jus Biz 14 Telegraph Avenue - Something Going 15 Tempo 70 - El Galleton 16 The Village Callers - I Don't Need No Doctor 17 Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day 18 The Byrds - Wasn't Born To Follow 19 Fingathing - Lady Nebul