Vern - Liman

  • Contemplative minimal house from Romania via Sydney.
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  • As a club soundtrack, minimal music requires patience from its listeners. In order for partygoers to appreciate it fully, they need to embrace the understated music that comes with the style. It works in Europe and, as labels like Lokomotiv Records show, it's working in Sydney, too. For Lokomotiv's fourth release, the Liman EP, its founders invite the Romanian producer Vern to share his take on minimal, back up by a remix from Ukraine's Silat Beksi. The opener, "Eter," builds slowly with two resonate chords and heavy percussion. Where "Liman" is the punchiest track, Beksi's remix is calmer and dubbier, thanks to pads that slowly blend together. Although this EP is club ready, it may also encourage contemplation.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Eter A2 Atu B1 Liman B2 Liman (Silat Beksi Remix)