Panda Bear - playing the long game

  • Panda Bear goes trap—it slaps.
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  • Speaking on his 2019 album, Buoys, Noah Lennox referred to trap as a natural extension of dub. "Dub production is perfect sounding music to me. To me, the contemporary equivalent is trap music, actually...I know [Buoys] doesn't sound like a trap record, but when I think just of the sonics of the thing, it's really a mirror image." Having ditched the acoustic guitar that was central to that album, Lennox and Rusty Santos have now made something that slaps—a convincing trap record. Rather than adding subtle bass pressure, as it did on Buoys, the 808 is massive, like it would be on a Mike Dean or Pi'erre Bourne beat. Lennox's signature Brian Wilson-esque vocal, however, remains unchanged. While the track as a whole feels more like a Noah Lennox vocal feature than a Panda Bear cut, it hints at a populist new direction.
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      01. playing the long game