Alex Falk - OOF

  • Exciting techno tools on Physical Therapy's label.
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  • More people are paying attention to dance music from American Midwest, but what about the South? Alex Falk, from Knoxville, Tennessee, is proof that there's something happening there, too. His tracks are sleek and utilitarian, with a futuristic gleam that reminds me of Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum. But while the textures are steely and hard, the music is warm and alive—functional techno and house with soul. There's a classic organ bassline on "Self," but the way Falk works the vocal sample is weirder than you might expect. Other tracks, like "Lift" and "Mark," feature pearly sounds—or in the case of "Mark," vocals that congeal into a mush—that orbit around the coarse drum tracks. They're the most tool-like tracks on the EP, but they're not simple—the way that "Lift" hurtles through its gauntlet of bubbly synths is thrilling. OOF sounds like it was made for Physical Therapy's Allergy Season, which specializes in a straightforward but exciting techno.
  • Tracklist
      01. OOF 02. Self 03. Lift 04. Mark 05. MUU