Leila Samir - No Music EP

  • An impressive debut that molds Saudi Arabian sounds into thrilling techno.
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  • Leila Samir's No Music EP is impressive for a debut release. The Saudi Arabian producer and musician put out the four tracks on the London label More Time in August, played by tastemaking DJs like Andrew Weatherall, Zaltan and Gilles Peterson. Emphasising relentless percussion, the record effortlessly molds Saudi Arabian sounds into a thrilling take on techno. The highlight, "Anxiety," is a weighty percussive number that induces the state the title suggests. Easing in with jingling synths, the sinister energy develops like a kinetic, high-stakes mission. Her mesmerizing nine-note melody repeats beneath polyrhythmic drums, only wading out during ambient breaks. The last half of the track is the most danceable, taking off with abrasive synths and an energizing techno hi-hat. Samir's intense experimental bent makes this charged techno cut the perfect fit for both a revelatory set and a pensive drive home.
  • Tracklist
      01. Bridal 02. Beginnings 03. Anxiety 04. Ends