David Kochs - Ghost Trance

  • A late-summer hit played by some of the world's most popular DJs.
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  • David Kochs' "Ghost Trance" has been a late-summer staple for some of the biggest DJs in the world. It's not trance—it's a skeletal techno tune built on some kick drums reinforced with white noise and a pitch-bent whine. The bass throbs, the drums thwack and there's a couple of bars of complete silence in the middle that have already made for some memorable dance floor moments. Depending on your perspective, it's either an indictment of how easy it is to make crowds lose their minds, or an example of a perfectly engineered banger. "Ghost Trance" isn't even the the best track on the vinyl it landed on—Kochs' "End Scene" is its glitchier counterpart—but it's the anointed anthem, showing that you don't need much to make a track that gets under everyone's skin.
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      A1 David Kochs - Ghost Trance A2 David Kochs - End Scene B1 Dominik Marz - Release B2 Dominik Marz - Forever