Sandunes - 11:11

  • Dreamy pop and hip-hop from a key Indian artist.
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  • Over the past decade, accelerated Internet speeds have led to an increased exposure of global sounds on the Indian subcontinent. This has helped crystallize localised versions of juke, footwork, dream-pop and breakbeats. During this time, Sandunes, AKA Sanaya Ardeshir, established an upbeat pop and hip-hop sound. 11:11, her fifth EP, follows tours with Bonobo and collaborations with Actress. It's a heady mix of atmospheric synths underpinned by a flurry of fast-paced rhythms. On the title track and EP opener, the drawl of collaborator Landslands, a Mumbai-based musician, fills the gaps between the tightly wound rhythm. A bare beat dictates the tempo, as the song returns to where it began, slowly unwinding. From here, Ardeshir is on her own. On "Shift," her musicianship is channeled through synthesised melodies. "Glock" begins with a sense of urgency, sharp notes bouncing back and forth. "Ever Bridge" has a slower build, placing tangential melodies alongside an uninterrupted stream of hi-hats. EPs like 11:11 have established Ardeshir as a pioneering artist among producers on the subcontinent.
  • Tracklist
      01. Sandunes - Eleven Eleven feat. Landslands 02. Shift 03. Glock 04. Eleven Eleven (Instrumental) 05. Ever Bridge 05:44