Cheba Yamina - Sidi Mansour (Moving Still Edit)

  • A disco floor-filler endorsed by Hunee and Palms Trax.
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  • Edits of non-Western music have been lighting up festival stages for years, most of them released by artists and labels without any connection to the original music. Dar Disku, an outlet run by the Bahrainian DJs Mazen Al Maskati and Vish Mhatre, releases edits of songs that soundtracked millions of Arab childhoods. Dar Disku's second releases is an edit of a track called "Sidi Mansour," originally performed by the Tunisian singer Saber El Reba. But Dar Disku choose to resurrect an Algerian version sung by Cheba Yamina, which is cleverly edited by Dublin's Jamal Sul, AKA Moving Still. It's the kind of thing loved by DJs in the Dekmantel-Rush Hour sphere, which explains why it's been picked up by DJs like Hunee and Palms Trax. Feel-good, punchy and packing plenty of bass, it's a no-brainer for anyone who spins disco.
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      01. Cheba Yamina - Sidi Mansour (Moving Still Edit)