Four Tet - Anna Painting

  • An energetic single that originally accompanied a painting exhibition.
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  • Discogs currently lists Four Tet's Anna Painting as an ambient release, which is probably what most people would expect from music crafted to soundtrack an old friend's painting exhibition. But in fact, two of its three tunes are full-on club tracks, both of which are among the toughest you'll find in Four Tet's catalogue. It's easy to imagine the title track, which runs for a DJ-friendly seven minutes, being yet another Four Tet festival hit. The extended central breakdown has hints of Paul Kalkbrenner and Berlin tech house in its melodic bassline, which is stripped away and replaced by a collage of shimmering strings and tones. Any DJ who spins it needs to be prepared for a beatless few minutes, but if the timing is right, "Anna Painting" could be the highlight of a set.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Anna Painting B1 Lahaina Noon B2 Breath