Skream - Song For Olivia

  • Skream returns to disco with this track dedicated to his newborn daughter.
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  • Disco dominated Skream's early sets and releases when he made his switch from dubstep to four-on-the-floor club music in 2013, before taking a back seat to tougher sounds, such as UK garage, prog house and, more recently, Berghain techno. (One theory suggests that he took a break from disco after he was called out for using a sample pack.) "Song For Olivia," Skream's latest single, revisits his love of disco. Befitting of a track dedicated to his newborn daughter, it's loud and happy, with the distinct chug and crashing kick drums of '80s Italo. A massive neon melody and a turbo-charged breakdown give it arena-sized appeal, though the best bits are more subtle, like when the melody slips away around the two-minute mark, replaced by a lush wave of pads and twinkles. Expect this track to be big.
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      01. Song For Olivia