W00dy - My Diary

  • Emotional, occasionally baffling experimental club.
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  • W00dy's music is frenetic and emancipatory. Her mutant blend of drum & bass, noise and abstract pop disregards all notions of convention, charting a personal path that offers ecstatic release through sensory overload. Her music is overpacked and in constant motion, built from colliding vocal samples and syncopated drum breaks that often slip into a deluge of polyrhythmic mania. Her new release, My Diary, is a mini-album that follows a similar model as last year's Relentless Kickdrum. It further positions her alongside musicians like Elysia Crampton, Eartheater and Chino Amobi, artists experimenting with dance floor-adjacent styles to explore issues of identity and personal history. There's a sense that the fervency and complexity of My Diary underpins more nascent emotional qualities. Getting swept up in the vortex of rhythm is a simultaneously exhilarating and overwhelming experience, and it's easy to imagine the act of creating these tracks as a dramatic release of tension. That W00dy self-releases everything she does, removing a barrier between listener and creator, reinforces the intimacy of the music. Despite its tangly, hyperactive nature, My Diary isn't difficult to dance to. It's easy to get lost in its layers of drum hits and phonetic snippets that spiral out in all directions. But even as each track peaks, a pulse emerges as an anchor. This accessibility is a major part of W00dy's brilliance. She's able to baffle and inspire physical movement in equal measure. The music's emotive nature enhances its ability to do both.
  • Tracklist
      01. Can't Resist It 02. Like What U Do 03. Came 2 Party 04. We All Want The Same Thing