Danny Daze - El Cubano

  • Sleazy electro on a key Dutch label.
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  • In most situations, "sleazy" is a derogatory term. "That guy is so sleazy," or "We stayed in a sleazy motel." But the word is often used differently in dance music. If an underground club is sleazy, that might actually be desirable. And to call a track sleazy, especially when you're screwing your face, is usually a compliment. With that in mind, Moustache Records and Danny Daze are made for each other: they're both super sleazy. Moustache, a Dutch label started in 2007 by David Vunk, achieves this through its techno, electro and Italo releases, while Daze also spreads his efforts around a few styles of club music in search of dirt and dilapidation. In fact, Moustache released what could be one of the sleaziest (and best) techno and electro EPs of the last decade. El Cubano shows that some sleaziness is great, but things can sometimes slip into silliness. "Late Night Snack," an otherwise decent in-the-red jack track, uses what at best is a cartoonish interaction between a man and a young girl, and at worst is an evocation of child abuse. Needless to say, it's a baffling decision. "Trumpet Track" and "El Cubano" might sound too much for musical reasons, but it's probably safe to assume that the huge droning synth lines they both feature would be dance floor effective. "Trumpet Track," in particular, is a slamming bit of electro-informed techno. That just leaves the murky "Wandering Aimlessly In NY For 4 Hours," which places a 303, perhaps the sleaziest synth of them all, at its core.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Trumpet Track feat. Johnny Superglu A2 Late Night Snack B1 Wandering Aimlessly In NY For 4 Hours B2 El Cubano