Shawn Rudiman ‎- Autonomic Pilot

  • A US techno veteran delivers some of the most evocative music of his career.
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  • Nearly three decades into his career, Shawn Rudiman has more fans than ever. For years, his graft has centered on improvised hardware live sets. Catching the groove in the midst of a party is an almost spiritual quest. Of course, this makes for ephemeral "had to be there" moments. So when the Pittsburgh artist started to open his vast archives with Synthdrome Vault and Timespan, heads beyond the Midwest started to take note. Rudiman ended up on the Dekmantel mainstage alongside Juju & Jordash last year, and now he's linked up with Tresor for a six-track EP, Autonomic Pilot. The EP picks up gradually with two lush, soundtrack-style pieces. "KNSR" leads with booming 808 hits and Deckard's Dream-style synths, an acid line acting as an anchor for the deep-space atmospherics. "Too Far Gone" keeps the floating synths but works up a spacious electro groove. The details, such as a two-note flute lead that perfectly colours the mix, are notable. Same goes for the gated snare tucked into the acidic banger "Erotique Feedback," nodding to Rudiman's love of '80s new wave. "Eyes Forward" is the kind of second-wave Detroit techno track Rudiman has built his name on, but the ambient interlude "Past The Edge" again finds him in a reserved, contemplative mood. Rudiman's currently working on an album. Autonomic Pilot suggests his timing is perfect. Not only are more people paying attention, he's also making the most evocative music of his career.
  • Tracklist
      A1 KNSR A2 Too Far Gone A3 Erotique Feedback B1 Past The Edge B2 Eyes Forward B3 Backwards Tomarrows