Ross From Friends - Epiphany

  • The UK producer follows up his first album with three cheery club tracks.
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  • Ross From Friends, AKA Felix Clary Weatherall, has a new hobby: woodworking. Judging by the sound of his new EP, this new hobby (or something else) puts him in a good mood—these are some of the cheeriest tracks he's released. It also probably helps that Epiphany was inspired by Weatherall's sister, who he says is "one of the most important role models I have." Epiphany also features three of the most detailed house tracks in Weatherall's catalogue, full of pinprick sounds that fill the spaces between streaks of melody. Best of all is the title track, where shakers move around the stereo field and synth zaps above the percussion. "The Revolution" is more reduced, hinged around a vocal chant and deep bassline. Weatherall has aimed Epiphany at the dance floor, which, when these tunes are playing, is a nice place to be.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Epiphany A2 The Revolution B1 Phantom Ratio