Voiski - Our Brilliant Failure

  • Distinctive, synth-heavy techno tools.
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  • Even when he's not on top form, as is the case here, Voiski is the type of artist who is still absolutely worth checking out. That's mostly because the French producer has a style unlike anyone else. There's no doubt that if taken as a whole, Voiski's catalogue can feel a little samey. But when the latest of his twisted, iridescent, sweat-slicked arpeggios curls from a speaker stack, this critique sometimes seems irrelevant. Our Brilliant Failure is his first release for Bassiani, the label of the famed Tbilisi club, and those synths are of course all over it. They sound boldest on "Sit Down Next To Me" and "TearSystem." The former features a cascading rainbow of a melody—textbook Voiski—but the brittle drums don't give it enough thump or craftiness to really pop off. "TearSystem" is faster and more obviously in love with trance, a track it'd be easy to imagine getting plays in the Copenhagen scene. Voiski is a skilled sound designer and arranger who layers parts with panache, but the darker "Chasing Shadows" never quite locks into place. The standout is "Your Heart Starts To Race," easily the most subtle inclusion, where reverb combines with Voiski's arpeggios and drums for a spacious, luxurious roller.
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      A1 Sit Down Next To Me A2 Chasing Shadows B1 TearSystem B2 Your Heart Starts To Race