S.A.M. - Fury's Laughter EP

  • Lean, tasteful house that will rock dance floors.
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  • Samuel André Madsen, the producer better known as S.A.M., pushes a dreamy sound loved by DJs focussed on the more tasteful side of house music. From Romanian superstars to low-key residents at venues like Club der Visionaere, Madsen has die-hard fans that buy his buoyant, groove-led tunes as soon as they land in stores. His tracks, like the two on the Fury's Laughter, suit a range of situations, slamming enough to keep a peak-time dance floor moving and dreamy enough for an afterhours. The Fury's Laughter EP is trademark S.A.M., who has perfected his combination of groove and delicate melody. It helps that some tracks, like "Fury's Laughter" on Madsen's latest EP, have meaty drops, something that many other producers in his world of reduced house avoid. "Fury's Laughter" is especially good, even for S.A.M. There are hints of vintage Kerri Chandler in its whistling groove, which is interrupted by long breakdowns that, in the right hands (Raresh, Lazare Hoche), could be the highlight of someone's messy Sunday morning set. "Alright," which sits on the B-side, is weirder. There's another hyperactive bassline, this time paired with with bleeps and vocal snatches. (My favourite: "let's go!") Where "Fury's Laughter" is the loveable floor-filler (it was the best-selling tune on Beatport for a few days), "Alright" is its twisted, subtler cousin. Together, they make a house EP that's been smashing dance floors for weeks, and will do for a while longer.
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      A Fury's Laughter B Alright