• Lean tools from a tech house specialist.
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  • The Greek producer John Dimas has dabbled in various styles of house since his first release in 2009. His first Bass Culture record explored big-room tech-house, while later works for labels like raum...musik, Metereze and Elephant Moon explored rich textures and syncopated percussion. His latest offering, a four-tracker called [email protected] [email protected] for Half Baked's tenth anniversary series, works with an in-vogue palate of old-school drum machine sounds, wiggy effects and rolling bass groans. Tracks like "@rkyn" won't scratch the itch for fans of Dimas's heavier and more immersive grooves. Rather than feeling physical, its gentle broken beat, skyward-bound pads and wafting keys feel light and airy. The other tracks, "5putn1k" and "[email protected] [email protected]," have more substantial rhythms, hewn from salty drum samples. Grumbling low-ends drive the spring-loaded four-on-the-floor patterns, a reliable recipe. "5putn1k" is a shade more banging, thanks to a tighter off-beat hi-hat and its main melodic motif, a panned horn that pops out of the mix with a "Ta-da!" fanfare. [email protected] [email protected] is drier than most of Dimas's discography, highlighting his ability to whip up solid tools with diverse palates.
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      A1 5Putn1K A2 @l5D B1 [email protected] [email protected] B2 @rkyn