Huey Mnemonic - Huey Mnemonic EP

  • An exciting US label presents four house and electro tracks.
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  • The Detroit label Vanity Press has been on a roll, releasing stellar records from young artists like Davis Galvin, Black Noi$e and AceMo, all while becoming a vital source for the US underground. The latest EP comes from another bright new producer, O'Shay Mullins, AKA Huey Mnemonic, a Flint producer who's so far only self-released a handful of house and ambient tracks. His self-titled EP takes in dance music traditions from both sides of the Atlantic, resulting in a confident mix of electro, house and breakbeat. The first half of the EP is devoted to electro. "Hydrocity" (the EP's highlight) mixes a Drexciyan rhythm with an IDM-like melody, while "Healing Chamber" is zippy and happier. There are breakbeats on "Vibrations Radio," which leaps from a dusty broken-beat section into full on Think-break madness, complete with piano and disco strings. Like his self-released track "Joyous Occasion," the unbridled happiness is infectious. While "Emissary" isn't quite as good as the rest, its house groove and flamboyant instrumentation would fit right into a set by a Pacific Northwest DJ like D. Tiffany or Flora FM.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Healing Chamber A2 Hydrocity B1 Vibrations Radio B2 Emissary