Juan Power - Crescendo EP

  • Loopy, percussive house by Juan MacLean and Man Power.
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  • If potential collaborators were matched with each other dating app-style, Juan MacLean and Man Power would surely be deemed compatible partners. The former is a post-hardcore guitarist turned indie disco kingpin, the latter a genuinely eclectic producer and DJ who recently "snuck in" some Sting and Kate Bush when closing Panorama Bar. Musically, they share curiosity, openness and a knack for the uncommonly catchy. They told Billboard they were channelling Dennis Ferrer and Peace Division on the title track of their debut joint EP, and it shows. "Crescendo" is all circular drumming loping towards the titular zenith, its unhurried, repetitive rhythms loosening limbs before a keening synth curls through the mix like a snake being charmed. DJ Tennis's shamanic edit of "Excuse Me Daddy" opens with warped chime arpeggios and bursts into a motoring hoedown of a bassline that conjures the kooky vibe of the EP's cover. "Praise The Toad" completes the percussive triad, its woody percussion and faint chanting layered with distorted reverb that acts as a sonic smoke machine, hypnotic and dissociative. The tracks fit together as comfortably as Juan MacLean and Man Power themselves, suggesting the kind of easy chemistry that requires little effort to reap rewards.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Crescendo B1 Excuse Me Daddy (DJ Tennis Edit) B2 Praise The Toad