Deepface - Deepface EP

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  • Deepface are a Melbourne based trio who specialise in making organic dance music made possible by Chris Corby, an accomplished guitarist who's also worked as a Protools engineer on albums by The Avalanches and You Am I to name a few and also Fran Power who is a classically trained violinist. Rounding out the trio is Shirley Davis who provides the group with her smooth vocal stylings. The first two tunes on the EP are straight up diva led vocal house numbers. Been Good is the first single released from the EP and features Shirley's vocodered and filtered vocals, a deep plodding disco style bassline, distorted rock guitar stabs and deep electro disco effects. Want To Love You is a more uplifting number featuring a funky piano riff and retro disco effects. Diamond takes the mood and energy down a notch to downtempo beats featuring out of this world sci-fi effects and spacey synths. Beautiful Thing gives the EP a much harder edge incorporating gritty rock guitars, tough hip hop beats and features a collaboration with Deep Brother to lays down some deep vocals in the vein of Massive Attack and Tricky. Seraph is the first of two instrumental cuts on the album which utilises a familiar old skool funk/uptempo hip hop break dropping a few rewinds in for good measure. Another jazzy piano lick is combined with scratches and cinematic string arrangements and finally the EP comes to a close with S'marvellous on a downbeat hip hop tip dropping atmospheric synth lines, drum'n'bass style drum fills to bring the CD to a comfy laidback ending. Overall, not bad but not great. The tunes, although original pieces of work feel like they've been done by other artists and in some cases done years ago as well.