Truncate & Chambray x Biri - FIGURE JAMS 006

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  • When it comes to functional techno, Truncate must be up there with the most effective producers working today. Sure, others have more originality, more style, more flair. But David Flores is incredibly good at writing simple, precise that make people move. Chambray is also pretty great at it. His sound may veer closer to house music, but, like Flores, he's enamoured by the power of straightforward, drum-led dance music. Chambray has released records on Dirtybird and Ultramajic in the past, and he brings some of those labels' playfulness to these two collaborative tracks. There's a satisfying bounce to both cuts. Their off-kilter synth lines and general looseness will likely be off-putting to more serious techno DJs—the Chicago-indebted vocal stabs on "Trax 4 The Club" in particular might wrinkle noses. Buf if you enjoy some jack in your techno, seek them out. The two contributions from the Israeli artist Biri fall more in line with the proggy lean of Figure Jams' catalogue so far. "Snox101" is so tightly produced it feels like it could snap, the trancey synth taking on an almost rhythmic function. And continuing the vague trance theme, "Through The Fields" is led by a melodious arpeggio that wouldn't be embarrassed if it caused tearful hugging. The backgrounding of the drums shows how confident Biri was in the strength of the synth.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Truncate & Chambray - No Stress A2 Truncate & Chambray - Trax 4 The Club B1 Biri - Snox101 B2 Biri - Through The Fields