Davis Galvin - Davis Galvin

  • Oddball house from the American Midwest.
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  • If you're into newer strains of American dance music, chances are you've heard the name Davis Galvin. The Pittsburgh producer embodies an exciting musical style currently coming out of the Midwest, a sound that blends American house and techno with influences from garage and modern UK bass music. (See the In Training DJs and the Is / Was label.) Galvin's new EP covers so much ground it could be an album, packed with jittery rhythms and uplifting melodies that tickle the ear in unexpected ways. The first two tunes have shades of post-dubstep. "Return From The Sky" has a nasty bassline, while "All Night Long" is a cascade of arpeggios and breathy vocal samples. Its sound is dizzying, with sudden changes and unexpected turns. Elsewhere, Galvin bathes his tracks in melody: the breaks on "Loudspeaker Situation" bob up and down in a pool of cosmic synths, while "Bass-Biology Interface" is like Ploy or Batu on happy pills. Then there's "Waterbody." It might be the archetypical Davis Galvin track—because it's so atypical. It's a house tune that feels like it's trying not to be a house tune, with rolling drums, crisp synths and funky, exotic sounds that combine for an oddball rhythm that could have been made for a forest ritual. It's a weird and joyous moment on an EP that sounds like its main goal is to make you smile.
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      A1 All Night Long A2 Return From The Sky A3 Bass-Biology Interface B1 Loudspeaker Situation B2 Waterbody