Dax J - Chaos Come To Conquer

  • Hard, but hypnotic, techno.
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  • Dax J's sound, a mess of slamming kicks and violent acid lines, is comically huge. But, against all odds, it's also strangely hypnotic. Just take "The Drome (SE1)" from his new EP, Chaos Come To Conquer. The kick drum crashes through the speakers with the force of a rusty wrecking ball, so relentless it feels like a demonic metronome. It's chaos in the churning midrange, but by the time we're halfway through the track, we're lost in its endless repetition. The same goes for "Tenshun," where this time there's a bit of swing (and some banter from Dax at the end). Who knew techno this mean could also be funky?
  • Tracklist
      A1 Chaos Come To Conquer A2 Teenshun B1 Speedball B2 The Drome (SE1)