LOFT - and departt from mono games

  • Cutting-edge experimental club tracks.
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  • On her previous release, ell oh eff tea too oh won ate, LOFT, AKA Aya Sinclair, exuded a playful approach to a seemingly disparate variety of styles. Jersey, ambient, early '00s R&B and even blink-182's pop-punk were remoulded into compelling club experiments, skipping between abrasive atonality and bubblegum singalongs. At times, it felt like peeking into a musical diary, Sinclair's highly personal perspective extending the track tiles: "F E E L I N G T H I S" and "iinnnn mm m my y yy ww wwaa y yyy" appeared like working titles, as though hastily typed moments after their creation. On her latest EP and debut release on Tri Angle, the inventive approach to language remains, but the experimentalism has been ratcheted up a notch. "Lassanamae" blooms with harsh, digitised textures. "Once again an attempt to cause less stress is no more stress-less than no me," Sinclair whispers cryptically in the emerging monologue, only to become subsumed by a pulsating, alarm-like tone. "And Eats Itself And Eats Itself And Eats Itself," sparkles with glitchy electro tones reminiscent of Flatland-era Objekt, but Sinclair's composition is exuberantly carefree. "sSLABicks" is an electronic soundscape that collapses into an uncompromising rhythmic onslaught sitting somewhere between free jazz and speed metal. and departt from mono game's biggest endorphin rush emanates from "That Hyde Trakk," a rework of jungle tropes. There are hints of the ambience of Photek's mid-'90s output, but Sinclair's beat is stranger and more complex, increasing in distortion before collapsing into an ambient coda. It's a fitting, pummelling finale from an artist whose musical identity is becoming unmistakeable.
  • Tracklist
      01. Lassanamae 02. And Eats Itself And Eats Itself And Eats Itself 03. sSLABicks 04. That Hyde Trakk