Space Dimension Controller - ReSEQ EP

  • A bright comeback from the cosmic explorer.
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  • Space Dimension Controller, AKA Jack Hamill, has been sober since September 2017, a decision that has massively boosted his creativity and reignited his love for making music. You can hear that across ReSEQ, which marks a return to R&S, the label that helped launch his career, after two years away. Of the EP's three cosmic jams, "Beyond Pulso IV" is the best. Warm and wiggly with a 115-BPM pulse, its centrepiece is the kind of soft, gaseous synth line that made us fall in love with Hamill in the first place. It's just a shame it's only brief. Because Hamill likes to pack in a range of sounds and ideas, you often get two or three tracks for the price of one. While impressive, it can be frustrating. "First Contact With System Lobitso" starts beautifully with a web of wispy melodies and dusty kick drums, though it might have been stronger if Hamill had built on the opening rather than switching to a full-on funk warble midway through. "Vaults Of Arcadia" is more cohesive, if less compelling, with pan pipe synths darting over a light chug. The music is bright and jolly, the sound of Hamill enjoying himself once again.
  • Tracklist
      A Beyond Pulso IV B First Contact With System Lobitso Digital: Vaults Of Arcadia